Gonna Sip That Sip, Hit That Dip: The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement

Official Selection Film Laurels 2017 Directors: Chasson Gracie & Willyum Beck

Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Festivals: Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Outfest Los Angeles, Manchester Pride, Queer Film Festival Eugene, Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, Oufest on the Road – Smith College, Long Beach OFilm Festival, Toronto Indie Doc Fest, Harlem International Film Festival, Capital City Black Film Festival, Little Rock ‘n’ Rollers Festival and Langston Hughes African American Film Festival.

There was a time when the US was a society very focused on a melting pot ideology, one in which people all melt into one, but as time has gone on, and we have become a more diverse society, we have moved more towards cultural pluralism, a structure in which smaller groups within a larger society continue to keep their identities and are accepted by the larger society, and thus producing a myriad of subcultures.

“Gonna Sip That Sip, Hit That Dip: The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement” explores a subculture that, by all indications, is about to move from sub to some greater foothold in mainstream society. I was curious to understand what were the cultural norms of those who are part of the movement; I also needed to comprehend at a more macro level what has happened in society to allow these artists to flourish today.

While there are traditional interviews in this documentary, much of it was done using ethnographic methods to gain insight into the queer hip hop movement. It involved participant observation and direct observation, which helped further reject the hypothesis that the success of the movement was simply about the acceptance of homosexuality today. While it plays a role, there is a plethora of other explanations.

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