Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

Director: Chasson Gracie
Producer: Marcel Salas

For young people today, the selfie may reign supreme, but how these young people form their identities with the technological tools at their disposal, that is the more compelling issue that we explore in this documentary. In addition, we also explore how identity formation has changed over generations, as well as how some things have remained the same.

We all know from our own experiences that forming one’s identity at a young age is a crucial part of growing up, and has fueled a plethora of coming of age movies over the years, but is it a consistent experience? There are things in the world, which are just human and transcend time, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. But on the other hand, there are changes in society that can make an experience different compared to previous generations, and on the surface, this new generation – Generation Z or Plurals if you prefer – has shown a different trajectory of forming identity due to a myriad of technological tools at their disposal – many of which were not even available to Millennials during their formative years. “iDentity” explores how kids today are forming their identities, and more specifically – how it is different to the past generations, but also how it is similar, to get a holistic understanding. “iDentity” used a mix of cultural anthropological techniques, along with good old-fashioned interviewing, to come to its ultimate conclusion on identity formation today.

This film is for educational purposes only.