Gonna Sip That Sip, Hit That Dip: The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement

Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Festivals: Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Outfest Los Angeles, Manchester Pride, Queer Film Festival Eugene, Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, Oufest on the Road – Smith College, Long Beach OFilm Festival, Toronto Indie Doc Fest, Harlem International Film Festival, Capital City Black Film Festival, Little Rock ‘n’ Rollers Festival and Langston Hughes African American Film Festival.

This is a short documentary about an emerging scene which is on the verge of becoming mainstream – the queer hip-hop scene. In addition to documenting the scene, we also wanted to challenge the assumption that the ‘queer hip hop’ movement is progressing solely because the US is more open to homosexuality compared to 10 years ago. The ethnographic/interview approach uncovered a plethora of other variables that can be attributed to the increased visibility and success of gay hip-hop artists and the broader movement.




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Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

For young people today, the selfie may reign supreme, but how these young people form their identities with the technological tools at their disposal, that is the more compelling issue that we explore in this documentary. In addition, we also explore how identity formation has changed over generations, as well as how some things have remained the same.

This film is for educational purposes only.